Nurturing Families

Children grow to become more happy and confident adults when their families strive to be nurturing. Some of the characteristics of a nurturing family are where:

  • People are listened to.
  • People have relaxed faces and bodies.
  • People look at each other.
  • Respect is shown for all members of the family by each other.
  • People touch each other and show affection.
  • Members can get angry without hurting each other and without leaving each other.
  • Parents are leaders and teachers rather than bosses.
  • Parents behave the way they want their children to act.
  • Parents correct their children without hurting them.
  • Children are led firmly, but taught gently.
  • Children are valued.
  • Topics of all kinds are discussed openly and honestly.
  • People can try new things and even make mistakes.
  • Parents and children share activities and time together.
  • Parents share their value system with their children every day.

Jane M. Chafin, LCSW, ACSW
Clinical Director