Outpatient Services

Comprehensive Care for Children and Families

At Child Guidance Center, we’re committed to providing comprehensive outpatient services for children and families needing mental health support. Our team of dedicated professionals offers a range of evidence-based therapies and treatments to help children thrive, and families find healing.

In 2022 alone, CGC’s Outpatient Services delivered over 25,500 hours of therapy at five different locations across Duval and Clay Counties. We’re not just a treatment program; we’re a community dedicated to assisting each other, one step at a time, on the journey toward wellness.

Types of Outpatient Services

Our outpatient services encompass a wide range of specialized care tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and family. We extend our services to children up to 17 years of age and to adult caregivers who meet the admission requirements.

These services include:

Individual Therapy

Our experienced therapists provide one-on-one counseling to address various mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, behavioral issues, and more. Through a compassionate and personalized approach, we empower children to develop coping skills and build resilience.

Family Therapy

Strong family bonds are crucial for a child’s well-being. Our family therapy sessions promote healthy communication, conflict resolution, and understanding among family members. Together, we work towards a harmonious and supportive home environment.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

Our board-certified psychiatrists conduct thorough evaluations to determine the need for medication interventions. Through ongoing medication management, we ensure the safe and effective use of prescribed medications in conjunction with therapy.

Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures

Outpatient Services is a CARF-accredited office-based treatment program that provides individual and family therapy to decrease the symptoms of behavioral disorders and increase the ability to function in school, home, and community. Our clinicians conduct comprehensive assessments, considering medical history, developmental milestones, and observations from parents and caregivers. With this information, we develop personalized treatment plans that may include therapy, medication management, case management or a combination.

We accept most Medicaid and commercial insurance plans, including BCBS, Aetna, UHC, Cigna, and Tricare. Families may also meet eligibility requirements to qualify for an alternative funding source or choose to pay out of pocket for services.