Full Service Schools

Full Service Schools is a CARF-accredited collaborative effort between community partners, such as United Way of Northeast Florida, and Jacksonville schools aiming to provide integrated academic, social, and health services for students and their families.

These services are designed to address the barriers that can hinder academic success, as well as empower family members to become actively involved in their child’s education and healthy emotional development.

Full Service School services are available at all Duval County Public Schools. 

CGC provides services through the FSS program at Atlantic Coast High School, Mandarin High School, Sandalwood High School, and Fletcher High School, as well as all Middle and Elementary Schools in those feeder areas.

Our goal is to create a safe space within schools where children can express their feelings, navigate their challenges, and receive the help they need. By providing timely and professional mental health support, we aim to prevent involuntary hospitalizations and legal problems.

How does the program work?

The Full Service Schools program provides a range of services that address both academic and non-academic needs. This includes academic support, mental health counseling, after-school programs, and access to healthcare services. By offering our services directly in schools, we’re breaking down barriers and ensuring more children have access to the mental health support they need.

We work closely with school administrators, teachers, and parents to identify students who may benefit from FSS services. Our team of experienced mental health professionals provides customized individual, family, and group services offered in schools, the program office, or in the student’s home.

Referrals can be made through the school’s guidance department.

Impact of Full Service Schools

The Full Service Schools collaboration allows CGC and partner organizations to connect with nearly 3,500 students and families annually.

In 2022:

  • CGC counselors alone provided FSS services to nearly 1,000 students across Duval County.
  • 98.7% of students successfully completing treatment had improved social/emotional functioning (as evidenced by CFARS pre/post assessment scores)
  • 99.6% of referral source surveys indicated that the mental health services were beneficial