How Drinking Alcohol Might Affect Your Unborn Child

When you are pregnant, your baby grows inside you. Everything you eat and drink while pregnant affects your baby. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) are the range of effects that can occur from drinking alcohol while pregnant. The effects can include physical and behavioral problems that can last a lifetime. There is NO safe amount of alcohol that can be used during pregnancy.

Children with an FASD are more likely to:

  • Be born small
  • Be a fussy baby
  • Have problems eating and sleeping
  • Have trouble paying attention and listening and following directions
  • Have trouble learning in school
  • Have trouble getting along with others and controlling their behavior, such as temper tantrums

Many women drink before they know that they are pregnant. Some doctors still tell women that it’s okay to drink. No mother wants to hurt their baby. Alcohol includes beer, wine, liquor, wine coolers, and mixed drinks.

Often, people with FASD have no physical signs of being exposed to alcohol, so their problems may be blamed on poor parenting or other disorders. Getting your child evaluated for FASD can help them receive the right services to help them succeed. Information is power!

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