Cornucopia Kids

Those Children Who Want EVERYTHING!

Children who demand only the best, who have a need for constant stimulation, and who do not follow through on projects are showing the behavioral signs of what psychologist Bruce A. Baldwin has named “Cornucopia Kids”. These children can remain immature and have unrealistic expectations of what “the world owes them”. They are not prepared for the real world and are unable to meet adult responsibilities when they grow up.

How can you avoid raising a “cornucopia kid”? Baldwin says to give them fewer things and spend more of your time in teaching them values. You can demonstrate these values to them by:

  • Giving your child regular chores around the home.
  • Refraining from giving your child too many “freebies” as this keeps them from being motivated and creative. Success requires wanting something badly enough to work for it.
  • Helping them to understand the importance of completing what they have started even if it is hard or frustrating.
  • Preparing them for failure and how they can learn from it.

Making sure your child is held personally accountable for their actions. Self-discipline is learned only when a child faces the consequences of their actions and no excuses and no parental fixing.

These steps and others can help to build character in your child. It is an important challenge for parents in teaching their child how to become a successful adult.

Jane M. Chafin, LCSW, ACSW