Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

Child\’s Self-Esteem

How To Increase Your Child\’s Self-Esteem:

  1. Show unconditional love.
  2. Express your anger responsibly.
  3. Make clear requests.
  4. Learn to listen.
  5. Take your child’s feelings seriously.
  6. Validate your child’s existence.  Reinforce and celebrate your child’s presence in the home.
  7. Find an activity in which your child is competent or enjoys and support them in it.
  8. Spend time alone with your child.
  9. Allow your child to do things for themselves.
  10. Respect your child’s possessions.
  11. Respect your child’s opinion.
  12. Acknowledge your child’s abilities.
  13. “Catch” them doing something good and praise them for it.
  14. Express love non-verbally with hugs, kissing and touching.
  15. Speak to your child at eye level.