Behavior Charts Correct Unwanted Behaviors

Behavior Charts

A behavior chart is an excellent way to help your child correct bad behavior. It creates an opportunity for you and your child to work together to monitor the progress of the child’s behavior on a daily basis.

Begin by talking with your child about desirable behaviors you would like for them to learn or exhibit on a regular basis. Make the chart all about rewarding positive behavior not about punishing or penalizing negative behavior. Make the chart simple, thereby making success easy for your child. Allowing your child to decorate the chart also helps them buy into the program.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Decide what you will use to keep a record of your child’s behavior such as stickers. You can also allow your child to earn game chips, beads or pennies.
  • Make a list of rewards your child can earn with the stickers, chips, beads or pennies. This list should be developed with the child and should include things your child enjoys or have an interest in.
  • Display the chart where your child can easily view it and see their progress.
  • Decide on the redeeming value of the stickers, chips or beads before starting the plan and make it age-appropriate. You don’t want to require 20 beads for 30 extra minutes of TV time. This activity should only require 1-3 beads. Make the price higher for bigger rewards such as a sleepover with friends or allowing your child to choose a family outing.

Other rewards can consist of:

  • Extra computer time
  • Ice cream outing
  • Extra time for video games
  • Rent a movie
  • Choice of a toy (inexpensive)
  • A new book
  • Trip to the mall with friends
  • Stay up 30 minutes later

Make sure everyone involved knows the redeeming value of the stickers, chips or beads so that one parent won’t give 5 beads and the other parent gives 10 for the same behavior.

Be consistent with your plan for at least a month and praise your child for positive behaviors no matter how big or small.

Behavior Chart

Name: Kayla Kann
Date: Week of 10/22 – 10/28

Behavior Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Kayla will feed the dog daily.
Kayla will dress herself for school.
Kayla will empty the dishwasher.

As with any behavior program, emphasis should be placed on the positives. The more time you spend showing your child what they are doing correctly, the more they will want to do those things.