CGC Community Advocates

In the heart of Jacksonville, a new chapter in advocacy is beginning. Introducing CGC Community Advocates, the newest beacon for change within Child Guidance Center (CGC). This new group aims to bring together community members ready to champion children’s and their families’ mental well-being.

Join us to enhance your understanding and skills regarding mental health advocacy and to be part of an inclusive group that makes a real difference. As part of our group, you become an active participant in the larger narrative of healing and support.

A Legacy of Care and Expertise

For over seven decades, CGC has been the linchpin in providing crucial mental health services in the Jacksonville area.

With over 5,000 children & families served annually, our programs, such as the Community Action Team, Full Service Schools, and Rapid Response program, have been instrumental in fostering success and stability and saving our community millions in costs while improving countless lives.

As an advocate, you become part of this monumental effort to enhance lives and nurture potential.

Make Connections, Make a Difference

Our hands-on group isn’t just about working; it’s about connecting. Regular happy hours and volunteer events offer a relaxed atmosphere to network with other professionals who share your commitment to our cause.

When you choose to join us, your engagement is amplified by a modest pay-what-you-can fee. This contribution is not just a membership fee—it’s an investment in the well-being of our community’s future. It enables us to extend our reach, offer more comprehensive services, and ensure that our programs remain accessible to all families, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Join Us for our First Meet-and-Greet!

July 24 | 6-8pm | Intuition Ale Works


Let's continue elevating the mental health advocacy standard within our community.